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The roofer said I have a bad roof. Should I file a claim?

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Do you need a New Roof?

This question causes a lot of confusion and roofs quite frankly cause a lot of confusion. Here’s the thing. A roofer is kind of like a chiropractor — every time a chiropractor sees you there is something wrong with your back.

The Chiropractor and the roofer agree, your roof is as bad as your back. The chiropractor gets paid when your back is bad. The roofer gets paid when you get a new roof.

A lot of times these out of town (storm chasers) roofers come into town for a storm and they work from house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood to get everybody to file a claim. Everybody that really does have damage gets a new roof and he sells some roofs. Works out for everybody so far right?

This really doesn’t work does it?

Wrong. This only works for the people who really did have the roof damage, may have been from a previous storm. The folks that really didn’t have enough roof damage for a roof get a claim ¬†against them or the insurance counts the claim against them even though there’s zero pay out and so now you have a claiming issue. Also, when the roofer says you need a new roof and the insurance company disagrees, you really don’t know who to side with.


You don’t know who’s right.

I mean do you really need a new roof? Was your roofer right and your insurance company was wrong? Or was the insurance company right when they said there was really no damage. And the roofer was wrong. It’s hard to say on these things.

It happens all the time.

I’ve seen this a dozen times and in these cases usually what I recommend is we go out and do a second inspection. Have it looked at again, have fresh eyes from a different roofing company — have a second roofer come out and look at and a completely different claims handler come out and look at it from the insurance company as well. Get fresh eyes on all.

And when we do we all show up. I come out on these as well and I’ve never seen one where we all go up there and we don’t agree on the way down. And so my recommendation is in these cases that we all go up together, me, your insurance agent, your roofer, the second roofer, the new claims handler and what I also do is I asked everybody while we’re there what we’re doing.

The downside on this is it leaves an uncomfortable feeling for the client and puts the roofer in a bad light and it causes a lot more extra work for everybody involved. Then a lot more confusion because everybody wants a new roof, right? But really why do you want a new roof, I mean do you — but do you really want a new roof when there’s nothing wrong with your roof? Most people don’t, they just want to know up front.¬†

I recommend that when you think you have hail damage, even if all the houses around you have had their roofs replaced, unless your roofs are all exactly the same age and you got hit from the same angle and — it’s hard to say that everybody in the neighborhood needs a new roof. My recommendation is to have a roofer you know, like and trust working with you. If you don’t have one call me, I’ll help you get one.

Hoped this helped explain when you need a roof!

David Offutt


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