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Keeping Your Insurance Up to Date

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We’re going to talk about keeping your insurance up to date.

I’m here to discuss with you tips and tidbits about homeowner’s insurance.

As you’ve been in the house for one, two, three years, you accumulate more stuff. You might do some new things, like finish a basement, add on a new room, put up a new garage of some sort.

Make sure you keep your insurance agent informed of these changes and these additions to your home as your coverage may need to change to accommodate those things.

A common mistake most people do is make changes to their home, or beautify their home or do something added to their home, and don’t alert their insurance agent. And then when they have a loss, it’s hard for the insurance agent to substantiate, or to prove that they did these things, because he or she was not made aware of those things.

Up date your insurance

It’s very important to make sure that your agent is aware of those things. And it might be a simple, “Hey, I did some things to the house. Could you      come by and take a few pictures?” The agent would love to come by, take a few pictures, add them to your file to make sure that you are properly  insured.

And to alert you of things and say, “You know what? I think we might need a little bit more coverage on that garage now, since you went from a one car  to a two car garage.” Or in the case, if you went from a garage that is attached to the house to another detached structure on your property. Because  some homeowner’s policies don’t cover that unless it is listed.

Again, it is very important to keep your insurance up to date. I’ll recommend at least every eighteen months to visit with your insurance professional  to go over things to make sure that your insurance is up to date.


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