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Do I Really Need an Insurance Agent?

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With today’s technology do you really need an Insurance Agent?

Ads for insurance are all over the, you guessed it – World Wide Web, aka the “Internet”. 

But, can you really buy insurance, online? The government got in the insurance business lately and all the king horses and all the kings men couldn’t get the web site to…. (I’m not doing this)

I’m here to talk to you about Homeowners insurance and the internet.

Back before World Wide Web, you had to telephone the local insurance agent to get a quote, but now with all the techie stuff, you can do it from your bunny slippers.

Some sources waste a lot of ink telling people that they should take a lot of time and learn all the ways to shop for insurance. Then go with their agent once you know what you want. Who’s supposed to be the expert here?


Confused? I don’t blame you. I can’t understand most other insurance agents and I’m trained. Most agents speak in technical insurance jargon. It’s like a secret code, they have a different word for EVERYTHING.

Well, I know that my clients understand their policy when they leave my office. Heck, I wrote the book on “Understanding Insurance in Simple English” but even then the subject is dry.

Many of my clients buy insurance from me, because they know that I understand it. Will do it right, and when a claim comes they’ll be able to blame me if it goes wrong. Not all, but many, even call and thank me when they took my advice because everything came out better than they thought.

Most my clients meet with us for about 30 minutes. People that buy online spend hours trying to compare quotes, and still admit coming away not understanding anything other than the price.

Let’s say you have an insurance agent in the family. Say your brother got in the business, you would buy your insurance with them right? Sure you would, because they are family. Now, I have clients that have family in the insurance business, but they know that I have their best interest at heart.

When, I go to my brother with medical questions, he tells me in Simple English what I am supposed to do. I don’t want to understand medicine, but I do want good health.
So do you want to work hard spending hours trying to learn insurance or work smart and give me a call.

I’ll even give you a copy of my book!


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